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All types of animal ear tags have a significant importance on animal husbandry. Those ear tags have an essential role on supporting animal owners to recognize their animals and count them.

The people who are in husbandry business need animal ear tags due to many processes, such as counting ovine and cattle, knowing ages of animals, and the dates of their arrival and departure. In this case, it is wondered the answers of the following questions.

How to buy animal ear tags?, Why are animal ear tags needed?, Can animal ear tags help a business get a loan from the bank? Or how can they do it?

Here are all the details about animal ear tags and important points on their usage field.

What is Ear Tagging?

Animal ear tags are a part of a system which is mandatory for animal husbandry business owners. This system is in the control of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Animal owners need to inform Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on how many animals they have in their cattle and ovine.

Animal ear tags supports both owners and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to count and control the animals. It also helps Ministry to detect the working power of the business.

What are the Uses of Ear Tag? What are the Advantages of Having Them?

The air tags which are used on cattle or ovine are used to determine the number of the animals that animal husbandry business owners have. When a calf is born, the owner has to report its birth to the administers in the town or the city which are subordinate to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. If an animal leaves the farm, the owner must inform the administration with the number on the tag.

Any member of the cattle or ovine is not accepted to a livestock market. If a member of the cattle or ovine is not tagged, it cannot be sold during the season of the festival called Eid Qurban, when animals are slaughtered for the name of God. In addition to that, veterinary cannot compile a report to an animal if it does not have a ear tag.

How is An Animal Ear Tagged? How Can an Ear Tag Applicator Be Used?

There are two main ways to get animal ear tags done. One way is to have colorful and labeled ear tags, which are used for many years. The other way is to have electronical ear tags. The common aim of those ear tags is to determine the total count of the animals, and have them registered in a correct and swift way. In both ways, to have an animal tagged, a gadget called ear tag applicator is used.

How Many Digits are There in Animal Ear Tags?

All the animal ear tags, which any member of a cattle or ovine need to have for their registration, start with the code TR, and has 14 digits of numbers.

After being registered to Husbandry Information System, the records of the following are being kept and controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

How long the animals are in the farm, How old the animals are, and The health records of animals.

To be able to get the digits, the business owners have to apply to the administration in the town or the city. The animals which are not registered cannot be sold. In addition to that, keeping animals without registration and have financial gain among them will have a negative effect on the business.

What Can Be Done Using Cattle Ear Tag Numbering System?

There is a number of operations all the husbandry business owners must know including animal ear tags. Especially when it comes to the special bank loans or impropriations, animal ear tags become even more significant.

Having animals tagged is a must to do all the operations in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, health reports, exports and imports, big farms, and also livestock markets. So what operations can be done with the digits on the ear tags? What are those ear tags good for? How can an animal ear tag be inquired?

How Can Animal Ear Tags Be Inquired on the Official Website of Government (e-devlet)?

One can inquiry an animal ear tag on the official website of government, which is called E-devlet. When it is the time of the festival called Eid Qurban, a buyer and a seller have a deal verbally. The owner of the cattle put on effort to sell a member of the cattle rather than giving concrete information about the cattle. However, the member of the cattle which soon to be sacrificed may not be as it seems. In that case, the animal ear tags of the animals should definitely be inquired on e – devlet.

During the process of ear tag inquiry, all the detailed information about the cattle are shown clearly. Whether the member of cattle is healthy, or not, if it is as aged as the seller says or older, etc. To get the answers to all these questions can be found when animal ear tags are inquired on e – devlet.

There is an application which is developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This application works on the Android devices. The inquiry of ear tags of animals can also be done via that application. To inquiry the ear tags, one should dial the first 8 numbers starting with the code TR.

How to Get a Loan from the Bank by Using Animal Ear Tags

If one is in husbandry business, he can get a loan from the bank supported by the government. The most important reason for this is that industry has increased all around the Turkey. This leads the decrease of lives in towns and animal husbandry. Most animal husbandry business owners do not want to pursue this business because of the increase of expenses in breeding and feeding.

To be able to support these difficulties of owners, government encourages banks to give loans. If one wants to apply for the loan, he should have his cattle tagged first. Especially in 2021, some government banks have given loans with zero interest.


How to Get Animal Ear Tags?

The registration of animal ear tags is done to TÜRKVET. With the regulation made in 2020, a calf should be registered until it is 6 months old, and a lamp should be registered until a year old.

After the business owner buys a calf or a lamb, he should inform the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the regulated amount of time. When he applies to the Administration of Agriculture, the operation of having animal ear tags starts. The businesses are punished with a fine in the condition of caring cattle ovine without registering to MAF.

Animal Ear Tags Suppliers and the Prices of Animal Ear Tags

Kupsan has a significant work and product range in Turkey and Europe. Especially huge husbandry facilities or farms need animal ear tags which have the breed of the animals and the name of the farm or facility on. This helps facilities do their daily chores.

In addition to that if a member of the cattle or ovine escapes from the farm, it is very easy to find the owner. The ear tags are also essential for the breeders.

There are a few significant factors while determining the prizes of animal ear tags. The breed of the animals is the most important one. Knowing if the ear tags are for cattle or ovine helps producers determine the prizes. Because the size of the animal ear tags changes from cattle to ovine. The size of the ear tags which are used for the cattle can be decided by the business owners.

The information that animal husbandry business owner chooses to have on the animal ear tags can also affect the price. You can connect with our firm, Kupsan, to get information if you care to purchase a large number of products. That’s how you can understand what type of ear tag is best for you. We can discuss the advantages of certain types of ear tags, and cross reference with your facility needs.

Our company, Kupsan, produces the most quality products in Turkey and Europe for animal breeding and husbandry. Kupsan sets an example on lost animal ear tags with the rate of 1% to %2. This rate satisfies all of our customers.

You are not only required to register your cattle or ovine by using animal ear tags, but also in need of a business partner who offers you long term solutions. You can have you cattle or ovine tagged with no problems when you choose to be partners with Kupsan.

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