Küpsan Inc. | Animal Identification Systems

Our company, which takes the business of cattle tagging in all of Turkey, has delivered 15 million electronic ear tags and 15 million visual ear tags to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry since 2018.

Our company, which exports all over the world and acquires a variety of products in different countries, has gained and continues to acquire the necessary experience in electronic ear tag performance and durability. In this way, we are happy that the first experience in the field is made with one of the best ear tags in the world, first on behalf of our country and our breeder and then our company.

Our first goal was not to suffer our state and our breeders financially and morally. We have presented our ear tags that have successfully passed the performance and durability tests with our timely deliveries. Our next goal is to provide better service by increasing our quality, capacity, and variety.

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