Kupsan Tag Company | Animal Identification Systems

We are proud to provide you with the best quality in animal identification systems. As the producer of the qualifed ear tags for all livestock species we provide lifetime guaranty for all Kupsan Tags. Products are bovine ear tags, ovine ear tags, HDX electronic ear tags, FDX electronic ear tags, applicators and collets, laser marking and ear tag pens.

The Kupsan Ear Tags are made of flexible, long durable material and are the best solution for a safe identification, printed with logos, numbers, letters and bar codes by our computerized lasers sytems. Tamperproff tag system combines any female or male piece to form a single unit of great strenght. our new system will be protected against forcible opening.

Our ear tags' quality have benn approved and accepted by the officials in many countries for identification. Kupsan also offers you the best product in our industry with the most reasonable prices and punctual shipment.Kupsan has supplied ear tags for offcial purposes for years and the production is certifed according to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Our products are approved bey the Standards Institution.

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